Music for Character Dance Class Level 1
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet
Cat No. B005F5IF98

This CD contains wonerful melodies that will suit beginning character classes Level 1 & 2. All the etudes have a precise musical accent, which help teachers to create combinations. This music helps students to distinguish and express the styles that they perform. You can clearly hear the difference of the characters, and it is easy to recognize each style. This CD has all the necessary character etudes that are based on Vaganova's school syllabus for Level 1 character dance class.Tracks was performed on a concert grand piano by Marina Rudneva, an accompanist for the State Academy Bolshoi theater of Russia. Also available on Amazon:" Vaganova Level 3 Complete Syllabus DVD", "Vaganova Level 4 Classical Ballet Sample Class & Complete Syllabus", "Character Dance Class Syllabus for Level 1 (With Explanation), "Character Dance Class Level 3 - DVD & Music CD " , "Beginning Ballet DVD " made by Inna Stabrova , "Dmitriy Tuboltsev's Ballet Class Music Volume 1" 65 Unrepeated Tracks,": Samples available on You Tube. Track Listings: 1) Plie, Spanish 2) Battement Tendu, Russian 3) Jete, Krakoviak 4) Ronde jumbe par terre, Mazurka 5) Middle battement, Russian 6) Fondu, Arabian 7) Russian Hills 8) Verevochka and Passe par terre, Hungarian 9) Spanish Hills 10) Adajio, Hungarian Center etudes 11) Russian dance for coordination 12) Mazurka 13) Spanish 14) Gopachok 15) Hungarian 16) Russian Etude for Plasticity

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