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  • Advanced Beginner Ballet taught by Inna Stabrova
    This DVD presents a class syllabus is choreographed for children ages 8-9, who attend only two classes per week. Children will learn the discipline of movements, muscle coordination, musicality, and control.The barre, floor, jumps and center work will prepare them for level 1 ballet. email or visit to purchase.

  • Beginning Ballet Taught By Inna Stabrova
    This DVD presents a logical class for beginner ballet for ages 5-7. This class is designed to develop strength, coordination flexibility, endurance, and preparing students to enter in to the next level. Available on, or contact:,

  • Character Dance Class Level 3 - Award Winner!
    Inna Stabrova a Graduate from State Vaganova Ballet Academy, presents 2 Disc Set,Includes DVD & CD of Character class with an explanation for level 3 (ages 14-16). This video received the instructional video of the month award from Dance Teacher magazine! For Sale contact:

  • Character Dance Level 1 taught by Inna Stabrova
    Character dance class level DVD Syllabus is finally ready! More than 83 steps with explanation! email or visit to purchase.

  • Character Dance taught by Inna Stabrova
    Character Dance Class Complete Barre Combinations with Detailed Instruction for Ages 12-14

  • Dmitriy Tuboltsev presents Level 4 class and Syllabus
    Dmitriy Tuboltsev presents Vaganova Syllabus Level 4 and Sample of Class. To purchase this DVD, contact: or it is also available at Run time: 87 min.

  • Vaganova Ballet Syllabus Level 3
    This DVD contains the Complete Vaganova Level 3 Ballet Syllabus. With more than 79 steps for Level 3, the DVD includes barre, center, allegro, and pointe work. It is simple to use for teachers and students alike. Each clip has a complete manual with subtitles and sound (audio) explaining each individual step. All of the steps for Level 3 are presented in endehor, endedan, and entournant movements which are required for this level. To purchase this DVD, contact:

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